Fyre Festival Disaster, Alleged Reports of Rescue Missions In Place

Fyre Festival was marketed as a Luxury Getaway for music lovers. You would spend $2K on a ticket to be whisked away to a private island full of luxury housing and food, music, and treasure hunting. As of now it is being reported by multiple festival goers and their families that this event is a total and complete scam. 

It is currently being reported from current Fyre "refugees" and their families that all planes out of Miami have been canceled and empty planes are being sent to the private island to attempt to rescue the people currently there. People have been reporting that the food and accommodations leave much to desired.

There are alleged reports of people unable to trust the security at the festival, their items being stolen, and guards getting in fights with festival goers. Festival patrons are speculating that women are being taken away and then friends and family are unable to reach them. Festival goers are speculating that the missing women are being abducted. 

It has been reported by multiple sources that the Embassy is getting involved in saving and rescuing the patrons of Fyre Festival. 

NOTE: These are serious and terrifying allegations being made by multiple online sources. Be aware that so far none of these have been confirmed. 


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