The Powerpuff Girls Have a New Sister!

It seems like multiple family oriented television channels are really focusing on bringing back the old favorite shows from the 80's, 90's, and early 2000's. Netflix recently released the trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again, and Disney XD also premiered the first episode for Duck Tales back in August. The newest reboot to hit our screens though is Cartoon Network revival of The Powerpuff Girls. The fourth hero of Townsville is being debuted during the movie The Powerpuff Girls: The Power of Four.

It has been since revealed that our new hero is named Bliss and will be the first black member of the OG girl squad. She was created with the same sugar, spice, and everything nice that Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles were formed of. The only difference between the three and Bliss is that she was created with Chemical W rather than Chemical X, which made it difficult for her to control her powers. Now that Bliss has a better handle on her super hero skills, she's back in town and ready to help save the day!

How do you feel about a fourth member of The Powerpuff Girls? Let us know!