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These High School ID Photos Are Going Viral For The Right Reason

North Farmington High School in Detroit, Michigan has a tradition of allowing their Seniors to take some INSANE class ID photos. They all used the hashtag #NFID18 on social media to show off their pics, here are some of my favorites.

Take Shelby Sheridan who dressed up as Cher from Clueless. 

Sadeem is having a case of the #twinsies with McLovin'...

How much do you want to bet that Mara is a 4.0 student?

Jinkies! How many fakes has Alison exposed at her high school?

Zayn Malik...? Is that you?!

It's like my favorite internet video came to life 15 years later. 

This school has honestly some of the most EPIC photos. Did your high school let you do anything fun and unique during your senior year?

Check out some more of the pictures from the Twitter hashtag below. 

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