These Might Be The Hottest Heels For Halloween

Kayla Stojek has almost 63,000 followers on Instagram under the handle @zombiepeepshow, and if you don't know the name you've probably seen the rad heels she makes all over the internet. 

She runs an Etsy account under the same name and OWNS the heel game. 

Those are SHOES. That are WEARABLE. 

I NEED all the heels! Especially those pinks ones for my lolita lifestyle! Grabbing a pair of Kayla's heels isn't cheap, it'll run anywhere from $150-$500. Her most expensive pair literally cost the same amount as my rent at the last place I lived. If you don't mind dishing out that kinda cash on shoes, you'll for sure win the costume contest on Halloween. Not to mention just generally slay at life. 

What pair would you want to grab? Or are these just too over the top for you? 

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