This Woman Got The BEST Hospital Food In Japan

A user on Imgur gave birth in Japan recently and decided to post the pictures of the food they were given in the hospital. 

When I stayed in hospital over night a few years ago for surgery, we actually had some pretty good food. The hospital I had been admitted to was brand new and had a full fledged kitchen staff with a really good food court. My Mom actually will still go get milkshakes from their food court when she is in the area. 

This hospital though, I just wanna hang there for dinner. 

Omurice??? That's like a special night out dish for me! 

I'm not a huge fish lover, but that fried fish looks amazing.

Chicken Fingers! These look better than the ones I get in most restaurants. 

She posted tons of more mouth watering images on her imgur profile. I'm having some major hospital food envy right now. Excuse me while I plan my move to Japan for when I decide to have a baby. 

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