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Rick and Morty Fans Go Crazy For Sauce

If you haven't experienced the glory that is the show Rick and Morty.  You really need to get on it. 

A moment in the series that fans have especially latched onto is when Rick "wants that Mulan McNugget sauce!"

Ever since that episode, fans have been begging McDonald's to return the szechuan sauce to it's restaurants. 

In a promotion not affiliated with Rick and Morty, McDonald's released the sauce in a limited, and we mean, VERY limited supply to their stores for one day. 

Like, only 20 sauce packets per participating McDonald's limited. 

While the 20 packets per restaurant isn't confirmed, quite a few people have reported the same story. 

After waiting for HOURS, a lot of fans went absolutely insane. 

McDonald's has seen the anger that many fans have had over the sauce, and is attempting to right the anger they have caused. 

Personally, I think the fans went a little overboard. I understand the excitement, but I don't think McDonald's understood how truly big the fandom is. Don't knock them for it, they're trying to make it right! 

Did you wait in line for the sauce? Did you actually get any? 

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