Dirty John, The True Crime Podcast You Need to Hear

I love true crime, like a lot. I listen to true crime podcasts while I get ready for work, while I cook dinner, while I do pretty much everything. I love true crime so much I even drink wine with serial killers on the bottle. 

Dirty John is my new podcast obsession from The L.A. Times and Wondery.

The thrilling true story of interior designer Debra Newell is told in this six part podcast series narrated by Christopher Goffard of The L.A. Times. Debra Newell met John Meehan on an over 50 dating site and their whirlwind romance soon captivated Debra's entire life. Her four grown children didn't believe a word her new boyfriend fed them. Why would a surgeon always be wearing the same scrubs, never getting dirty? Why had no one in the family, including their mother, ever been to one of the multiple homes John said he owned? If John had so much money, why was he always driving one of Debra's cars? 

Within five weeks of meeting, John and Debra move in together. Debra's children immediately begin to start the search for information to prove to their mother that her new boyfriend is anything but a prince. They put tracker devices on his car, hire a private investigator, and watch cameras that they have installed in the home. 

In this story of seduction, deception and forgiveness, you won't want to stop listening until the very end. 

Go listen to this shockingly true story of Dirty John now on iHeartRadio podcasts.

Note: This isn't an ad! I really love this podcast, and need more people to talk about it with! Header image from Wondery.

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