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Jack The Ripper Might Have Been a Woman

As a self proclaimed true crime know-it-all, I thought I knew everything about Jack The Ripper. He is one of the most infamous serial killers in London, and potentially the world. Mention Jack The Ripper and you'll probably hear, "Oh! That's the guy who killed and mutilated a bunch of women's bodies in old London right?" Right. How famous is Jack The Ripper? He had a pretty hardcore strain of weed after him. According to Leafly, the strain is "intense, visually stimulating, and can sometimes leave novice consumers disoriented and paranoid." 

This article isn't about weed though, it's about a serial killer who terrorized London, and left many women in fear for their lives. 

If you aren't aware of Jack The Ripper, let me impart some wisdom on you. 

Jack The Ripper was a serial killer that was terrorizing London's East End beginning in August and killing through September of 1888. While the true number of victims was never actually known, canonically, the story is that five women were killed and had their bodies mutilated. All five murders happened within Whitechapel, or very nearby, and none of the women were related to each other in any form. These five women are known as "the canonical five."

The twist in the story of Jack The Ripper is that he was never actually identified by police. He was believed to be a man with impeccable knowledge of the human body and it's organs; due to the way the bodies had been mutilated after being killed. This is where the story starts and ends with Jack's identity. 

Scotland Yard was sent letters while the brutal murders were happening that would taunt police as to who he was and would allude to the next murders. Only four true suspects were ever named, and all of them were male. 

Evidence has since been released proving that Jack The Ripper might actually be JILL The Ripper. What we have believed for over a 100 years to be a MAN brutality murdering women may be wrong. 

In 2014 an Australian scientist tested swabs from the stamps and letters that Jack The Ripper sent police. These samples were concluded to have come from a woman. The tests were deemed to be inconclusive, but the idea isn't too far fetched. 

Some people have been led to believe that a woman committed the crimes, this is because mere hours after Ripper victim Mary Kelly was murdered, she was seen alive in Whitechapel. Chief inspector of the case believed it could have been a female killer escaping in Kelly's clothing. 

The police have also suspected that the letters sent to Scotland Yard from Jack The Ripper were potentially a hoax and not associated with the killer at all. 

From this new information two theories can be born. One, that Jack The Ripper was actually a woman, therefor, Jill The Ripper. The second is simply that the letters WERE faked, and sent by a woman who was trying to dissuade police for whatever reason. 

Are we any closer to finding out the identity of Jack The Ripper? No. Do I personally believe we will ever find out who murdered those five women in London's East End? Also no. It has been over a hundred years, this person is long dead, and in my opinion someone who was not in the legal system. If they had been, SOMETHING would have come up to connect them by now. 

What do you think? Could we have been wrong this whole time about Jack The Ripper? 

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