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Six Podcasts You Need To Hear

I LOVE podcasts. This isn't my first article about how much I love listening to them. I listen while I get ready for work, while I cook dinner, while I fall asleep, while I do pretty much anything. People always come to me to know what ones they should be listening to, and for good reason. I am subscribed to over 20 podcasts on our iHeartRadio app. 

1. My Favorite Murder

I feel like most of the female population is a murderino by now. This is one of the most well known true crime podcasts, and for good reason. Comedians Georgia Hardstark and Karen Kilgariff host this true crime comedy podcast with the kind of wit and humor that you would want in an entertainment category. The comedy mostly comes from them making fun of each other for not really knowing how to run a podcast. Karen and Georgia are two sweet baby angles that everyone needs to hear. 

2. Embedded

Embedded is an investigative journalism podcast from NPR. On Embedded they take stories in the news and "go deep." Currently they are running an in depth news story on President Trump and his past. It makes for some serious listening. 

3. Reply All

Reply All is a show simply "about the internet." I love this podcast. I've listened to every single episode. They report on stories that have to deal with the internet age, like a woman who started a revolution in her country all in a Facebook event. 

4. Accused

Accused is a podcast for lovers of Serial. It takes the same premise as serial, but with different characters. It takes an unsolved murder case, and they go investigate into the case, who did it, and any potential loose ends that should have been dealt with. 

5. 2 Dope Queens

Two of my absolute favorite comedians, Phoebe Robinson and Jessica Williams, host this podcast. It's just a genuinely super hilarious podcast. If you like stand up, you'll love 2 Dope Queens. It takes place as a stand up show, with Robinson and Williams opening and their comedians friends stopping by to perform a set. What's even better is that these girls are feminists, which makes the show feel very female empowering. The show takes place in New York City, and I basically NEED to see it live next time I'm in the city. 

6. Cults

My whole life I have found the study of religion fascinating. Researching what other people believed and how they lived their lives based on the religion they led was so interesting. Cults were something I found especially hypnotizing. So many of them end in chaos, and I always wanted to know; why did these people so whole heartily believe that this is what was best for them? In this semi new podcast, they delve just into that. How their leaders grew up and formed the cult, researching recruitment methods, and the untimely death of many of the groups members. 

I could go on for hours. I love a good podcast, but so many of these have been running for some time and have tons of episodes you need to catch up on. I'll leave you with these six for now, and later we can visit more of my favorites. 

Happy listening!

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