How Long Does It Take For The Kardashian's To Earn Your Salary?

The Kardashians, as much as we claim to dislike them; we are all still FASCINATED by this family. They wouldn't be the worldwide phenomenon they are if people didn't care. What is extremely impressive is that this "reality show family" that claimed was being famous for nothing, each created their own empire. Kylie has her own makeup line, Kendall is a successful model, the sisters have their clothing store Dash, and both Kim and Kylie/Kendall have their own mobile games. Not only do they have a ton of business ventures under their belt, they have multiple brand endorsement deals for each of their social media accounts. 

Even I played their games for a little while, and even spent money in the app (no shame).

There is a new website, from Missy Empirethat shows you exactly how long it takes for each Kardashian to earn your salary. The sad part is that it takes each Kardashian less than a day to earn how much I make in a year. 

You can check it out for yourself HERE!

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