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Best Titles To Stream In October

1. Little Evil

Little Evil is a Netflix exclusive original movie. The movie is branded as a horror comedy, and definitely fits in this niche spectrum. Little Evil stars one of my favorite Parks and Rec actors, Adam Scott, as Gary, Evangeline Lily as Samantha, and Owen Atlas as his stepson Lucas. The movie takes place right after Gary marries his new wife Samantha, and moves in with her as well as her son, the anti christ. The way I describe Little Evil to people is that this movie is fun. It won't win any awards or break barriers, but it's a good way to spend an hour and half. Fun to watch with middle school aged kids. Netflix

2. Slasher

Slasher is a huge 180 from Little Evil. This show which only lasted for one season on it's original channel and it's gory and pretty f*cked up. Seriously, every single episode features a brutal murder. The show starts off with Sarah moving back into the home that her parents had been brutally murdered in when she was born. Now that Sarah is home, the murders are starting again, even with the suspect in jail... I loved this show. I wanted a second season, and after Chiller dropped it, Netflix picked it up! Even the clip below is brutal. Netflix

3. Lore

Lore is a tv show based off and hosted by the creator of the podcast under the same name. Lore explores real events and people that had some pretty freaky ish happen to them throughout history. These stories unfold during the six episode run, and is just as captivating as the podcast. Amazon Prime

4. Mindhunter

Mindhunter is a new Netlflix original series that everyone is talking about. The series follows two FBI agents as they delve into the minds of maximum security prisoners, and flesh out the term, serial killer. Netflix

5. Supernatural

If you haven't seen this show yet, what are you doing sis? This is a long running television show on The CW, and for good reason. The show follows two brothers on the hunt for the supernatural, and to figure out more about their lives and pasts. They run into angels, vampires, murderers, and so much more. Netflix

6. Death Note 

Did you really think I'd create this list and not add in an anime? Also, to clarify, I am talking about the ANIME, not the Netflix original movie. The original anime starts when our main character finds a murder journal. Any name that he writes in this notebook, dies. The series is on Netflix, subtitled, not dubbed in English. We won't fight about whether subbed or dubbed is better, that's a discussion for another time. Netflix

I know there are a ton of titles I didn't add in. If I added in every screwed up tv show and movie I loved, we'd be here for days. So enjoy this six starters!

What weird shows and movies do you love? 

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