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The Best Show You May Have Not Seen: Slasher

Last year my Halloween television series obsession was Chiller original Slasher. If you can handle hardcore murder scenes with a lot of gore, this show is a must watch.

The show was Chiller's very first original series. The story line followed Sarah, who was moving back into her parents home in small town Canada. The same house her family had been brutally murdered inside 30 years earlier by The Executioner. 

With Sarah's return to her small town beginnings, so is the return of The Executioner. As he begins to kill Sarah's home town friends and neighbors; people start to worry about who exactly is committing these murders. Tom Winston, the original The Executioner, is behind bars. A copy cat killer is on the loose and is determined to bring every dirty secret of the town to the light, and destroy Sarah in the process. 

The series was dropped by it's original channel, and brought on as a Netflix original series for it's second installment. The show runs similar to American Horror Story, each season is a different story line, but uses some of the same cast members. Unlike AHS, who uses the same starring actors every season, Slasher uses some of the same actors, but the characters who starred in season one are not present in the second. Two of the main characters in season two, Renee and Antoine, have very small roles in season one. 

The second series takes place as five friends return to the old summer camp they counseled at after it had been taken over by a hippie commune. This isn't just a trip of memories for these friends though, these ex camp counselors have returned to the woods where they murdered and buried their friend Talvinder five years earlier. The commune had sold the land to a travel agency that was planning to excavate the land to build a resort on. This stems their return to move the body, so construction workers don't discover Talvinder as they prepare the land. The new comers secretive return begins to terrify the camp, as people are found murdered ruthlessly by an unknown killer. 

Slasher is an amazing TV series, if you can handle it. It is one of the only shows where the twist in each season is completely unpredictable. The only thing with this show, is that it is completely and totally gruesome and disturbing. The murders are harsh, people are tortured, there is a lot of blood, and there are some scenes where even I have to turn my head because I can't handle it. There is a scene where someone gets a chainsaw through the body and his intestines get wrapped around a snowman. If you can get through the gore and blood, both the seasons have an AMAZING story line. It's not the kind of show where the entire hard hour is just blood, murder, guts, dead bodies. When there is a murder or torture scene, they don't hold back, but that usually only takes up, maybe, five minutes of the whole episode. There are a couple times, when that hard hour can get disturbing, but that only occurs in the last one or two episodes of each season. 

I  HIGHLY recommend this series. Go watch it on Netflix and give it a thumbs up. I NEED a third season of this show. I also NEED more people to talk about that season two twist ending with. It screwed me up and completely boggled my brain. 

Check out the entire series now on Netflix. 

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