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In honor of Dillon Francis relasing the music video for his new single Hello There, I am going to highlight the greatest social media user of all time. We all have favorite social media accounts to follow for whatever reason. Maybe yours is The Bird Rights Activist, maybe it's Mad Decent, or maybe it's The Knocks

This article is about the KING of all social media, Dillon Francis. No one will EVER compare to his posts. 


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Just look at that, they could use this as an advertisement for razor scooters and I would buy 10,000 of them, I would take all 10,000 of those razor scooters to the ankle for the chance to be in one of Dillon Francis' Snapchat stories. (If you haven't already, he's just DillonFrancis, add him, you won't be disappointed.)

Every night, my dreams would haunt me with the question, "What those fingers do Dillon?" 

That's it, that's what those hands do. I can finally sleep soundly Dillon. Thank you.

We also can't forget his right hand man, Gerald. 

"Being a piƱata is weird.. Sometimes I like it when they hit me" @pterodactard

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He also threw Gerald a birthday party that is 100x better than anyone gathering I have ever been to. 

Just how funny is Dillon Francis? He was on the show What Would Diplo Do? on Viceland! He played my personal favorite character, Jasper. 

WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO? Full Series Premiere

WHAT WOULD DIPLO DO? The full series premiere, right here.

Posted by VICELAND on Monday, August 7, 2017

Thanks for gracing us with your social media presence Dillon Francis. Basically, I need Hello There with Dillon Francis to be a real thing. 

Now go follow Dillon Francis! While you're at it, make sure you've followed me as well! Let's talk tattoo's Dillon! 

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