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Just a Steve Harrington from Stranger Things Appreciation Post

I love Stranger Things. It is my absolute favorite show, I binged watched the entire second season the DAY it came out. All nine hours on Friday, I took the day off for the specific reason to binge all nine episodes. 

This article is just simply about the best character on that show, Steve Harrington. I will absolutely physically fight anyone who tries to argue that Steve is not the starring character. If Netflix wanted to make a show called 'Stranger Steves' I would watch every single episode in one sitting. 

I am 100% all for Steve and Nancy, and those people that try to say Nancy should be with Jonathon can get RIGHT OUT of my life. 

Steve Harrington might be a terrible boyfriend, but he makes a great baby sitter. 

How could you not want Steve and that spiked baseball bat to save you from all the Demagorgans in Hawkins?

Don't forget to get that perfect Steve hair to do EXACTLY four squirts of Farrah Fawcett spray when your hair is DAMP and not WET after you get out of the shower. 

No, but for reals, season two of Stranger Things really made Steve emerge as potentially my favorite character of the series. Watching Babysitter Steve really go through and connect with those kids, especially Dustin, was some of my favorite parts. He transformed from the typical high school jock he played in the first season to an actual lovable character that you constantly wanted to root for. I can't wait for season three so I can fall more in love with Steve. 

Here is to all the Steve lovers!

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