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Cuphead Might be the Most Gorgeous Game Ever Created

With so many new video games coming out in preparation for the holiday season, sometimes indie games can get looked over. One game that is COMPLETELY taking over the YouTube gaming section, and gaming in general is Studio MDHR game Cuphead. The game is created on the Unity engine and was released to Xbox One and PC on September 29th, 2017. 

Cuphead is being praised for not only being a fun game, but for being gorgeous as well as having an amazing soundtrack that seamlessly blends with the games aesthetic. In 2017 when a game is being praised as gorgeous, it usually means a visually stimulating game like Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Breath of the WIld has been admired for its lifelike and colorful worlds, with a visually stunning landscape and eccentric fairy fountains. 

Cuphead is the game I never knew I needed in my life. Not only in graphics, but in music and speech, takes you into the era of 1930's cartoons. 

Cuphead is a Run and Gun style game, that is created for you to die over and over again. There are three different stages on the homeland of Inkwell Isle with 30 different boss battles, with run and gun stages mixed in between. 

The hardest bosses through out the game, excluding the final boss, are Grim Matchstick, Rumor Honeybottoms, and Dr Kahl's Robot. 

The boss battles are created with multiple stages, and require you to die multiple times in order to learn the patterns. This creates for an extremely frustrating game, but the excitement you feel once you FINALLY get "A Knockout!" screen is like no other form of happiness you will ever get in your LIFE. 

Grim Matchstick makes for a difficult boss because not only are you having to platform on clouds throughout the entire level while avoiding Grim's attacks; you have to shoot him while he is coming at you from behind, you must run forward in a constantly moving course. If you use your super attack at the wrong moment, you could fall off a cloud and lose an HP point. This brings the question on if you should even use your supers or of the risk of losing the point is worth causing extra damage. He comes during the second stage of the game, and for a lot of people is the last boss you'll encounter, making you unable to "take a break" and fight a different boss.

The second most difficult boss is Rumor Honeybottoms. Honeybottoms appears as the first boss you face in the third sector of the game. I found the most difficulty in the fights where you have forced platforming movement. Similarly to Grim Matchstick you must platform constantly on an ever moving course. The honey is rising throughout the first courses of the game with Honeybottoms coming at you from below, still forcing you to always be pushing upwards. 

Dr Kahl's Robot is another hair pulling difficult boss in the third stage of Inkwell Isle. This forces you into small spaces and having to attack specific parts of his body can get extremely frustrating. The beginning stages of the Robot are random, which can make trying to learn how to deal with the attacks extra difficult. 

Mixed in between boss fights are the 'Run N' Gun' levels, which are created to earn coins in order to buy new attacks for Cuphead. They are exactly what they sound like, you just run through the level, killing all enemies in your way and collecting coins until you reach the end of the track.

Weirdly, I get so excited to enter The Die House in between each level, because King Dice has the BEST THEME SONG, of any video game character ever. Fun fact, his theme is sang by a woman! Her voice is crazy amazing and honest I jam out to this song when I work out. I love it. 

If you enjoy Run and Gun games, and don't mind the frustrations that come with difficult games created to make you die over and over again, you need to check out Cuphead. Even if you aren't a video game player, check out a Let's Play of the game on YouTube. It is AMAZING.

I need more games that are styled like this in my life. If they could create a full open world game with a story line, it might be the best video game ever created. I'd been down for Rockstar to create a sequel to L.A. Noire in this style of game play. 

Now kids, learn from Cuphead and Mugman, don't deal with the devil! 

Have you checked out Cuphead? How did you like it?

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