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How To Fix The I Autocorrecting To A [?] iPhone Bug

Just like everyone else, I was STOKED for the new update for my iPhone. Mermaid and dinosaur emoji's? Uhhhh, yes please! With the recent update came possibly, the worst bug ever known to Apple kind. Every time you would type the letter 'I,' it would correct your phone to 'A [?],' and it was driving us all nuts. 

It was even happening to celebs! If you are looking at this article on a laptop by the way, it will show up correctly. Go check out the post on your iPhone and you will see what I am talking about!

So I decided to tweet Apple my frustrations...

I wasn't expecting a response, but I got one, low and behold, it worked! Originally I had turned off autocorrect, and was sending misspelt texts all over the place.

In order to fix this and essentially keep your phone the same, head to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement. Once you are there, click on +, in 'Phrase' put a capital I, and then in 'Shortcut' a lowercase I. Click done, and you should be all fixed up! 

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