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The Best Kingdoms In Super Mario Odyssey

I love Nintendo, and one of my favorite franchises is Super Mario Bros. I've seen the TV show, played all the games, and am planning out the perfect Princess Peach tattoo. Safe to say when they released Super Mario Odyssey I was r e a d y. This is definitely one of the greats in the Super Mario Bros universe, and completely worth that $60 price tag. 

Super Mario Odyssey has quickly become an extremely loved game, and I know this article may grind some gears. These are just the levels that I PERSONALLY enjoyed the most. The levels I wish I could replay over and over again. They are in order of appearance in the game.

1. Sand Kingdom - Tostarena

Tostarena is the first kingdom that you encounter a missing wedding item. Bowser and the Broodal's are after the Binding Band for the upcoming wedding. This was the first large level you encounter in the game, and it was the perfect one to open with. Fun missions, bright, colorful, and wide. It made you want to explore things off in the distance and see what could be found there, power moons, coins, or the unique currency of that Kingdom. 

2. Wooded Kingdom - Steam Gardens

Steam Gardens is the nicest mix of industrial and nature biomes in the game. You head into this kingdom where The Broodals are after the Soiree Bouquet for the upcoming nuptials. You fight through forests and industrial towers to get through to the top of the level and save the flowers. While this is a more linear large level, you want to explore little nook that is possible. The flowers mixed in with the industrial feel also make it for a gorgeous looking level. 

3. Metro Kingdom - New Donk City

My personal favorite level in the game. New Donk City had a rough start for me, you climb through a tower under construction in the rain. The rain makes the surfaces slippery and slightly more difficult to platform through. Once the rain clears, it becomes my favorite level in the whole series. It's a wide level modeled after New York City that you want to explore EVERY SINGLE INCH of. It's bright just like NYC, with tons of people, and musicians on the corners. Not to mention once you have finished finding musicians for the New Donk City Festival, you get the most amazing 8-Bit throwback level with the main song to the game being sung in the background, 

4. Luncheon Kingdom - Mount Volbono

By far the most colorful Kingdom in the entire game. That itself brings it into my top five levels. It was a super fun level but I found Cookatiel really easy for how far into the game he was. The mini games were fun and the platforming was challenging enough to be enjoyable but not so much that it made you want to rip your hair out. 

5. Mushroom Kingdom - Peach's Castle

This level is just one huge throwback to Super Mario 64. What more could you ask for in the new era of Nintendo? Super Mario 64 is one of the most beloved games in the series and just one huge throwback level is exactly what the fans of the series would want. I am also a super huge Peach lover, I always pick to play her Mario Kart, so I have a slight affinity for any level about her. 

What was your favorite level in Super Mario Odyssey? Let me know on social media! 

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