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Logan Paul Released An Apology Video and I Don't Forgive Him

After all the controversy that has been thrown Logan Paul's way, he deleted the video of him finding a man in the suicide forest, and has since uploaded an apology to Twitter and YouTube. This article contains talk of suicide and mental health, if you need resources, please scroll to the bottom. They are posted under the final gif if you want to skip the discussion of what he did.  

I already discussed his trash Twitter apology in a previous blog post if you missed it. 

Since then the anger and hatred towards Logan Paul has only increased in size, and Paul posted an apology video in the process. I will not be linking that video since I don't want him to be getting any of our views, instead I am posting a video from a recent news cast discussing the video. 

Logan Paul has made it extremely clear and obvious that he does not actually care about what he did. He is upset that he is losing money over it. He is upset that he is losing subscribers. He is upset that there has been a call to action to delete or demonetize he YouTube account. He is upset that the vast majority of the internet is turning against him. 

How do I know this? Simple. He has not done ONE thing for suicide prevention and awareness. The only thing he has done since the controversy, is post the apologies. 

He did not provide any resources in either of those captions, he couldn't even provide the Suicide Lifeline number. Nothing. This apology is completely about him. I do not care if he is 22, he is old enough to know that going into a forest that is well known for suicides, that you should not go in their and make fun and crack jokes about the body you have found. You even SAID in the video you were 100 yards from the parking lot, why did you not leave and call the police? You could have used this for a good cause. You could have done a video speaking of what happened, and talking about mental health and suicide awareness and how to get help. Storytelling videos are all over YouTube. I do not accept your apology, and neither does most of the internet. 

This also shows a turning point in YouTube's moderation method. While Logan Paul's video only came down the site because HE removed it, not YouTube. YouTube has had fire brought against them from their core content creators saying that the Trending page is extremely up to their control and who they want to feature, rather than what is actually doing well. Logan Paul's video showing a dead body IN the thumbnail was posted to the front of the trending page.

While other people posting reactions and their anger and outrage towards it are getting taken down and demonetized. YouTube needs to get their priorities straight. In the age we are in, it will not be hard for people to migrate to other forms. Plenty of content creators are losing followers and subscriber count to YouTube's extremely odd and somewhat secret algorithm. If you even just lightly cuss in a video, you could get demonetized and your video may not show up in your subscribers content boxes. While someone who posts a video showing a dead body and making fun of a man who committed suicide is apparently okay. 

Don't give Logan Paul your views. Your views bring him money. Do not buy your children his merch. Do not support this human.


If you or someone you know may be at risk of suicide, please seek help. The world wants and needs you to be apart of it. 

Suicide Prevention Lifeline- 1-800-273-8255

Trevor Project's LGBTQIA+ Crisis Lifeline- 866-488-7386

If you are a parent and unsure of how to talk to your children about suicide and mental illness, please use these resources. 

Society For The Prevention of Teen Suicide

Helping A Potentially Depressed Child - Child Mind Institute

Talking To Your Kids About Mental Health - Psychology Today

Feeling Anxious? Use this safe space breathing method.

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