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The Process of a Dramatic Hair Change, Red to Pink

On Tuesday I sat in a salon chair for six hours, wanting to take my hair from bright red, to rose gold. I started out looking like this... 

and wanted to take my hair to this...


After informing my stylist of the change I wanted to make, she sent me paragraphs of trying to get me to change my mind. She told me that the process of stripping the red out of my hair and getting it to rose gold is one of the hardest and most difficult changes to make. I didn't care. 

I walked into my hair salon at 11am on Tuesday, and didn't leave until 5:30pm. 

We started with my hair, nasty, grown out, and very very red. 

The next step was to strip color from my hair.

After stripping, came the bleaching process. Heidi mixed Olaplex in with the bleach to help protect my hair from the bleaching process. My previous stylist botched my hair extremely bad and have spent five years getting my hair healthy again. She wasn't about to destroy my hair with my shenanigans. 

My hair took the bleach WAY better than we had thought. Originally we thought we would only be able to get my hair to a orange ginger color. 

Instead we were able to take my color to pink! Not the exact rose gold yet. My hair needs time to repair after all the bleach we used. 

Soon enough I will be a lovely rose gold. Need a good hair stylist book with Heidi! 

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