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'To Catch a Predator' Was An Amazing Time in News Media

I recently had some time off of work for the Holidays. I spent the week and half off playing Nintendo and watching reruns to of To Catch a Predator. If you aren't aware of the magic that is Chris Hansen, let me clue you in.

Chris Hansen is TV journalist most well known for his work with Dateline NBCHansen is no longer with Dateline but currently hosts Killer Instinct on Investigation Discovery and the new syndicated show, Crime Watch Daily. 

Although Chris Hansen has a long list of features he has hosted with Dateline, he is most well known for his work on To Catch a Predator. 

To Catch a Predator is the single most amazing investigation to ever be put on a news channel. The premise of the show is simple. Online watchdog group Perverted Justice goes into online chat rooms, create profiles of girls aged around 12-15, and wait for adults to chat with them.

The child decoys on Perverted Justice don't ever message the men first, and they never bring up sex. They are not looking to entrap men, they are there to catch legitimate child predators. Dateline then reached out to film an episode and create a sting operation. 

This is one of the single best shows on television. Chris Hansen is an absolute savage and will NOT let these men wiggle away. Please take a seat and check out Chris Hansen destroying these men.

The men all have some sort of excuse as to why they showed up to the house whether or not it was a "role playing chat room dude," or that "I wasn't gonna do anything man." 

There have even been times that they caught the same guy in 24 hours! 

Some of these men don't even have last names. 

I have seen every single episode, I could quote them. I would recognize them on the street. "Rabbi Michael Kaye from Riverside County? The only man to ever throw hands at Chris Hansen? Is that you?" 

I know so much about this show I could put on my own sting operation. I could catch a good majority of these online predators all on my own. Just call the cops with 23 men under citizens arrest during my sting operation. Hand over those chat logs and convict these men. 

Maybe it's time for me to take a break. 

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