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Logan Paul Has A New Alleged Scandal With Shane Dawson

Before starting off this blog post, I want to clarify that everything I am talking about is ALLEGED. No one from Logan Paul's team has said anything about the current situation against Shane Dawson. Right now everything is speculation and rumors. 

Last night Shane Dawson released a video titled 'Regarding the rumors about me today.' Earlier in the day, rumors started to pour out about Shane Dawson being a pedophile. A video began circulating about alleged proof that Shane Dawson is a pedophile with clips and audio from his YouTube channel as well as his podcast. 

Late in the night, Shane Dawson posts a YouTube video talking about the rumors and exactly why they are not true. Afterwards, Dawson took to Twitter to further discuss the issue. Shane Dawson has faced controversy over previous content he had posted over the years on his YouTube. 

After confronting the issue, the channel that uploaded the video against Shane Dawson came out saying that someone from Logan Paul's team had paid them to create a controversy. Allegedly the person from Paul's team paid YouTube Channel Pop Blast to create a new controversy to cover up all the heat on Logan Paul. 

If this rumor turns out to be true, it shows a new low for the Paul team. Could this easily be a YouTube channel getting called out for their content and trying to cover themselves? Yes. This is a HUGE claim, that could really ruin someone's reputation. I have talked openly about my distaste for the Paul brothers, but having alleged paid to throw someone under the bus is a huge claim. Even Shane Dawson put down the rumors saying he doesn't believe them.

Right now we don't have a lot of answers, but personally I don't believe that Paul's team would do that to Shane Dawson. I am interested to see the statement that his team will release though. 

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