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These Jeans From ASOS Are Missing A Crucial Piece of Fabric

I fully believe that fashion is a personal thing. Each person has their own unique sense of style, and everyone rocks it in their own way. 

Some brands have had some, questionable, pieces of fashion in 2017. 

The exaggerated sleeves denim jacket from Y/ Project.

The clear plastic knees from Topshop.

This ruffle band tee from ASOS.

And now ASOS has done it again. Already in 2018 they have reinvented the assless chaps. 

I could no longer find the jeans on the ASOS website, but Yahoo Lifestyle reported that the jeans retailed for $125 USD from the brand Ragged Priest. I'm not sure if the jeans were removed after online criticism facing the jeans, or if I just couldn't find them. They were advertised as Buttless jeans and the black underwear in the promo image was NOT included with your jeans price. 

Would you rock the buttless jean or any of the other controversial looks we have seen over the year? 

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