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'Get Out' Scores Four Oscar Nominations

One of the best films of ALL TIME was Get Out. The second watching is the best one. You can watch for all the little hints and foreshadowing. During the first viewing I missed a lot of the political commentary, and hidden messages. That second watch is when you can really see how clever of a writer Jordan Peele is. For a first movie this is EXCEPTIONAL, this movie is wonderfully written, and I would believe that he had written tons of movies before this one. 

These four nominations are well deserved. Every part of this movie is perfect, from the writing, to the acting to the director, to everything behind the scenes. There is a REASON this movie has a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes. 

The Oscar Nominations were released this morning, and Get Out in FOUR categories. The movie scored a nod for Original Screenplay, Director, Lead Actor, and Best Picture.

Jordan Peele went on Twitter this morning to express his gratefulness at the academy awards recognition for his first movie. 

Here's a fist bump to you Jordan Peele. You best win all the awards! 

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