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Would You Ever Buy An Internet Mystery Box?

One of the most popular niche categories on YouTube is unboxing. What exactly what IS unboxing video? 

Just as the title says, unboxing something. Searching the term on YouTube grants mostly tech products. Opening the new iPhone, a PS4, and Xbox One, things in that realm. I don't have kids, from what I have heard unboxing toys is all the rage for children. 

The biggest trend over the past few months has been buying *~mystery~* boxes from Ebay. The prices range from about $20-$100, with most ranging around $100. 

Not surprisingly, most of the boxes are full of pretty much trash. When people get "expensive" products. They are old. Jennxpenn got an iPhone 4 in one of hers, in 2017. 

While most people agree that they got their values worth, most of it is stuff you would never use. 

There was one really long controversy with Bunny, where she felt as if she was absolutely and totally ripped off by the seller. The video is 20 minutes long. TL;DW, she buys an almost ONE THOUSAND DOLLAR mystery box and feels as if she was sent literal trash. There were bugs and a funky smell in the box. After paying (almost) $1000, you'd think the seller would at least have the time to clean the stuff. 

The seller did claim that they believed they gave her exactly what she asked for in her purchase, and that they would refund her. Ebay stated that mystery boxes are against their policies, but did try to right their wrongs. 

Would you ever buy one? Should I buy a mystery box? I slightly want to buy one, but I want it to be from an actual company and not some random person. I want to know I am actually going to get my moneys worth and not someones stuff they were too lazy to send to a thrift store. 

What do you think about mystery boxes?

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