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Wine Night or Puff and Pass?

The new hottness amongst most of my friends is wine and paint nights. What is a wine and paint night? Exactly what it sounds like, you pay to have wine and paint all night. They have easy to follow painting instructions while you drink. 

Denver, Colorado has a new version of paint night. Puff, Pass, and Paint. It runs just like the wine and paint nights, but instead of wine, you have marijuana. Weed is currently legal in eight states and the District of Columbia, but so far the night is only in Colorado. 

It's surely only going to be a matter of time before the night hits Portland. Until then, we've got wine and paint nights and recreational weed. 

If you are looking for a variation on Wine and Paint night for a couple who isn't into the arts, we do have DIY Bar. Rather than drinking while you paint, you work on a DIY project of your choice while you sip your brews!

The projects at DIY Bar range from easy to difficult and start at $39 per person. The projects range from cat scratchers to leather wallets to leather beer koozies. Drinks are NOT included in your purchase of project, but are available on site to consume at your leisure. 

Also Bread and Honey Cafe is right next door and they have the most bomb brunches on the weekends. Personally I recommend the Italian Scramble or Spicy Mushroom Bacon Scramble with a Mimosa, but feel free to get whatever. It's all delicious. 

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