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Rock Report Breakdown: April 13th, 2018

Breaking Benjamin Releases New Video For 'Torn In Two' Alongside New Album

This morning Breaking Benjamin released their newest album Ember, and alongside that came the music video for 'Torn In Two.'

Earlier in the year we were taken on the journey of searching for a missing little girl in the music video for 'Red Cold River.'

The journey now continues with the demon man who stole the girl falling into the deepest pits of Hell. He is then being faced with his own demons, and the life he is now being forced to live in Hell. 

The First Three Singles From Billie Joe Armstrong's Side Project Have Been Released

Back on April 5th we let you know that Billie Joe Armstrong had started teasing a new side project titled The Longshot. The most information we had was a couple of Instagram posts and a private Instagram account. 

Now the first three singles from The Longshot have been released. 

First off we have what we assume is going to be the title track off the album, 'Love Is For Losers.'

The next two tracks are 'Chasing A Ghost,' and 'Taxi Driver.'

The Instagram account for the new band has finally been opened up, but we still have little information on when to expect a full LP. The bio still just simply states, " New album “Love is for Losers” coming eventually sooner or later. Probably sooner."

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