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Rock News Report: June 13th, 2018

Mike Shinoda is Unsure of Linkin Park's Future

After the passing of Chester Bennington, Mike Shinoda was adamant on the return of Linkin Park. Now in a recent interview on the podcast Inside The Studio, he seems to be questioning that declaration. During the interview he had been asked about the future of the band and whether or not they would continue on without Bennington. Shinoda responded with that he didn't know and that "that's the million-dollar question, right? And, unfortunately, I've said it before, but, unfortunately, there aren't any answers to that at this point."

He also talked about how the decision needs to be a unison one from all the band members, and as of right now Shinoda is unable to deal with "all that noise." 

Whatever Mike Shinoda and the rest of Linkin Park decide to do, we will support them. Losing a friend and band mate is never easy. For resources on mental health and suicide for yourself or a loved one, please check out my resource page.

Bass Being Recorded For New Tool Album

It's been over 10 years since we got our last Tool album, and we have been getting little nuggets of information on the next LP. The band has since commented that the newest album is about 90% to completion, and now we know that Justin Chancellor is working on laying down the bass tracks. 

They posted to Facebook with the caption, "JUSTIN'S bass setup in the studio. Sounds like he is making great progress recording in 'a great studio.'"

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