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Former American Idol Host Brian Dunkleman Goes After TMZ

If you watched season one of American Idol, you might remember the show originally having TWO hosts, Ryan Seacrest and another man, Brian Dunkleman. Dunkleman was canned after the first season, and then we never really heard from him again. 

Turns out Brian Dunkleman is in the process of getting a divorce, which requires you disclose your employment. Turns out that he now works for Uber, and TMZ decided to make that one of their headlines of January 4th. 

Dunkleman saw this and went OFF on Twitter. You do NOT mess with the Dunk. 

Turns out that not only is Dunkleman making a grand a week with Uber (more money than most people I know) but he has a super hot girlfriend! 

Plus he has a family, and loves driving for Uber, because now he gets to spend time with them! 

Do whatever you gotta do, because at the end of the day, only your happiness matters. 

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