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Bristol Banning Grilled Cheese To Prevent Gangs

Dylan Rives / Stringer

In a report from Sick Chirpse, one councilwoman from the city of Bristol in Southwestern England has barred a grilled cheese food truck from setting up in a local park. All in the hopes of cutting back on the formation of gangs.

The banning came after a food truck was not given a license in Monk's Park in Bristol to operate. Councilor Claire Hiscott made her rebuttal as to why the truck wasn't allowed, saying that it could cause school kids to skip class. 

"They have to have patrols of staff to make sure kids don’t walk off site. The lure of a food concession may encourage kids to take a little walk. The school has made a lot of effort to encourage healthy eating. We have problems with childhood obesity. Historically we had antisocial behavior, not just motorbikes, from young adults gathering with alcohol and causing a disturbance. Anything that’s going to be a gathering place is likely to bring that back.. We’ve managed to eradicate that. It’s a nice quiet park."

How Councilor came to the conclusion that a grilled cheese is going to cause gangs is beyond me, but if you ever travel to Bristol, don't plan on any food trucks inside THAT park! 

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