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Peeps Cereal Coming To Store Shelves

Earlier in the year International Delight debuted their Peeps flavored coffee creamer, just in time for the Easter season. Now in a turn of events, you will be able to buy Peeps flavored CEREAL! 

Now this cereal isn't what you're thinking. When I heard "Peeps cereal" the first thing I thought was "oh, it's gonna be like Lucky Charms! Little bits of cereal and peeps marshmallows!" Oh, how wrong I was. While marshmallow bits ARE in fact in the cereal, they aren't peeps flavored, colorful, and they aren't even SHAPED like peeps. 

In an article by Good Morning America, they state that "the sweet whole grain cereal will mimic Peep’s traditional springtime colors, while marshmallows that look like mini-versions of Peeps themselves will be sprinkled throughout." Heres the thing, in every single image I found of the cereal, NONE OF THE MARSHMALLOWS ARE FUN SHAPES. They were all just little circles. 

Now if this cereal HAD basically been a take on Lucky Charms, but with Peeps, I would have given it a try. This monstrosity? This is nothing I want to be apart of! 

Will you give Peeps cereal a try? Or pass it up? 

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