Kingdom Hearts 3 Finally Released

Nerds all over the world, including me, rejoiced last night as Kingdom Hearts 3 finally hit shelves. The game is so popular Game Stop actually came after fire after capping pre sales on the deluxe edition of the game for Playstation 4.

Some stores have even recommended calling ahead if you are looking to snag a deluxe edition of the game. Kingdom Hearts is being touted as one of, if not the biggest release of the year. Combat guides are few and far between if you are already stuck in gameplay, but Newsweek did release a guide for help if needed.

The game mixes old and new combat styles in the 3rd installment (of the main titles, in total there are 9 KH games, 10 if you count the "back cover movie" in The Story So Far). New combat styles include flowmotion, which is introduced quickly into gameplay style, plus the edition of water as one of your magic elements.

Haven't snagged a copy yet? Most stores have the standard edition of Kingdom Hearts 3 available, but I would recommend calling first.

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