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Ariana Grande's Kanji Tattoo Actually Means BBQ Grill

Incorrect tattoos are not a new thing, nor is getting a tattoo in an unfamiliar language, only to come out with the wrong word or saying. Ariana Grande is now the newest celebrity to fall victim to a misspelled tattoo.

In Ariana Grande's new single '7 Rings,' she has Japanese Kanji that is spelling out '7 Rings' on the title screen. In the video the spelling is correct in kanji. Grande got a tattoo on her palm that SEPARATELY mean '7' and 'Rings' but put together it means small BBQ grill.

Ariana Grande has backpedaled, saying the pain was too much to handle, but with the placement of the tattoo, I'm not so inclined to believe that. Besides, if you purposely ducked out of a halfway finished tattoo, why are you posting it as if it was a finished product? The palm is widely known as being the one of the most painful places to tattoo, that's why you rarely see them. Palms are also an incredibly bad place to get tattooed because they simply don't last! Ariana! What are you thinking?!

Almost any tattoo artist will advise you against other languages tattooed on you, especially Kanji, and ESPECIALLY if that tattoo artist is also unfamiliar with the language. The issue with getting Kanji tattooed on you, is that each word separately can mean what you are intending, but once put together, just like Grande, will become something totally different.

Getting Kanji tattooed on you is a very Western thing to do . In Asian culture tattoos are not widely accepted, in the 21st century young Asian men and women have begun getting tattooed, but it has yet to become accepted in their culture. The history behind tattooing in Asian culture is rich and interesting and I encourage you to read this article from Think Global School .

Kanji tattoos can be done well, and if you are dead set on getting one on you, look for an artist that can speak and write Kanji, otherwise you might be walking out with small BBQ grill tattooed on you.

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