Multnomah County To Make 5,000 Parents Vaccinate Their Kids

Joe Raedle / Getty Staff

The measles outbreak has reached a boiling point here in the Pacific Northwest, causing Multnomah County to tell parents that they either vaccinate their kids, or they will no longer be allowed to attend class.

The measles outbreak has 54 confirmed cases, according to Willamette Week , and has widely effected the Portland Metro area. Multnomah County has now sent exclusion letters to almost 5,000 families saying that unless their children are vaccinated by February 20th, they will no longer be able to go to school. If children are not vaccinated by that day, they must present a medical note stating a medical or non medical reason for not having their children up to date on their shots.

Multnomah County deputy health officer, Jennifer Vines said in a statement that "unfortunately this is a reminder of how quickly infections can spread when people are not vaccinated, and that's especially true in places like classrooms where kids spend a lot of time together. I strongly encourage parents to learn more about measles and the very effective vaccine that can protect their kids."

The measles outbreak has become such a serious issue, anti-vaxxers have be named one of the top ten threats to public health .

If you need to get your kids vaccinated but cannot afford them, student health centers and community centers can provide low to no cost vaccinations.

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