Oregon Man Lives In Snow For Five Days On Taco Sauce Packets

Joshua Blanchard/Stringer

These snow storms in Oregon have hit our friends down in Deschutes County pretty hard. Just ask Jeremy Taylor, 36, of Sunriver who was trapped in his car for five days, living only on hot sauce packets from Taco Bell.

Taylor had been reported missing after last being seen at a gas station on February 24th. He was found Friday afternoon after a snowmobiler found his car trapped and called 911. Taylor was found with his dog Ally, "in good condition, but hungry after being stuck in the snow," according to investigators.

Taylor told investigators that he had fallen asleep in his car, and when he awoke on Monday, the snow had piled up so high that he was unable to maneuver it out. He then said that him and Ally tried to walk to safety, but the snow was so deep it made it difficult, and they returned to the SUV. He said he stayed alive by warming the car periodically and then eating a few taco sauce packets he had in his car, responding to friends saying that "Taco Bell fire sauce saves lives."

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