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Parks and Recreation Reunion TV Show or Movie Could Happen

While no definite plans have been made for a reunion episode or movie for the Parks and Rec crew, according to show runner Mike Schur, it could still happen.

The cast met at Paley Fest in Los Angeles to celebrate the upcoming 10 year anniversary of the show. They talked all things Parks and Rec including behind the scenes secrets and what they took home with them after the show wrapped.

According to report from BuzzFeed News, Mike Schur would allow cast members to have a five minute "fun run" at the end of every episode, which brought us some of the most iconic lines from the show, including Andy telling Leslie she had "network connectivity issues."

Rob Lowe's character on the show, Chris Trager, wasn't even a thought until after Schur met Lowe. When he met the soon to be Chris Trager, he heard how often Lowe used the word *literally*, and thus a character was born.

Aubrey Plaza, who plays April, takes full credit for April and Andy being a thing. She says that she decided to play *into* Andy since the moment they first met.

The actors even discussed what parts of their characters they brought with them, Adam Scott (Ben Wyatt) said that he got into Game of Thrones, because his character was so into it, Retta (Donna) brings the "treat yo' self" mantra into her every day, and that Rob Lowe even joked that he'll live to 150.

The best part of the whole night was when Mike Schur said that a reunion show or movie isn't off the table, but that every cast member would need to be involved.

"I think that in the world that we live in now, nothing is ever gone. Everyone on this stage — and like six other people — would have to feel like there was a story that needed to be told. ... I think we’d only do it if we all felt like there was some compelling reason to do it. Everyone would have a veto. If one single person says, ‘No,’ we wouldn’t do it."

How would you feel about a Parks and Rec reunion show or episode?

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