Carls Jr. To Debut Cannabis Infused Burger

To celebrate 4/20, Carls Jr. will be releasing a CBD infused burger.

According to Business Insider the burger is called Rocky Mountain High, and is a cheeseburger that consists of two beef patties, topped with pickled jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, fries, and CBD-infused Santa Fe Sauce. The burger will ONLY be available on 4/20 and will cost $4.20 as well.

The catch? it will only be available at one location in Denver, Colarado.

While CBD doesn't get you high, you would need the THC from the plant to make that happen, it is the first fast food chain to release a cannabis infused product on their menus.

Business Insider also reported that an executive at the company said that they will be monitoring how well the burger does, and it could potentially roll out to more locations after the stoners holiday.

Would you try a CBD infused burger?

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