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How I Keep My Rainbow Hair Healthy and Gorgeous

If you have known me for any period of time, even just five minutes, then you know I like to have fun with my look. I have a lot of bright and colorful tattoos, long nails, and vivid hair.

People reach out to me constantly, asking how I haven't damaged my hair beyond repair, and how I am able to keep up with my look. Having colorful hair is very high maintenance, every single day is work with it, especially as I have extensions.

For fashion hair, you have to bleach it to a base, especially if you want it as bright as mine. Some people who have light brown hair can dye over their natural color without bleaching, but it won't be the same. When I bleach out mine, it goes to a platinum blonde.

My BIGGEST suggestion is to ask your stylist about Olaplex, as heavy and frequent bleaching is a damaging process. Since I am constantly lightening my hair, Olaplex is a God send. According to Olaplex's website, it works by seeking "out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or add it to another service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance."

Make sure and ask your stylist for Olaplex No. 3, or where to buy if the salon doesn't carry it. This the at home component of Olaplex that will keep your hair healthy through thick and thin.

Also you must be realistic, fashion hair isn't cheap. My hair process takes two six hour days to complete. I go in to get my extensions taken out, and hair my hair bleached again if needed. My stylist then dyes my extensions while I process. We finish out that day and go home. The next day is reinstalling my extensions, I do a mixture of tape in and bead extensions from Minihouse8888. If you are skipping extensions and only going for color, expect one six hour day. Average color correction price for an experienced stylist in Portland is $85/hour, but your stylist can give a more correct price range when you go in for a consult.

Sitting at the salon was the easy part, once your home, you now have a small needy baby on the top of your head.

Fashion color bleeds, and it bleeds everywhere. Blue and red have been my worst offenders, keep a lot of bleach on hand, and don't own any white sheets. When you wash your hair, clean it in COLD water. It helps lock in the color and will prevent wash out.

My hair was originally purple in the above image, but I wasn't very good at washing in cool water, and a lot of my color bled out.

If you don't have extensions and go to bed with a wet head, that color will bleed. Sweat in your sleep? It will bleed. I would recommend getting dark patterned sheets, so the color isn't obvious or even noticeable.

If you DO have extensions, never go to bed with a wet head. Blow dry your hair after showers to prevent molding and then braid your hair to prevent dreadlocking. It usually takes me about an hour to blow dry my hair

Always use sulfate free hair products or color safe items. I love Amika's range of products. I use their vault shampoo and conditioner as well as their heat protecting serum.

While colored hair is a lot of work, the time is worth it to achieve *literal* head turning looks.

Always ask and consult your stylist for their opinion, and remember, they have your best interest at heart. A lot of fashion hair can't be done in one session, and if you have especially dark hair, bleaching it out to what you need might not be possible right away.

If you live in Portland, Oregon and want to visit my stylist, feel free to check him out on Instagram, @monsterlocks.

I change my hair a lot, follow my social accounts to keep up with my looks! <3

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