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Uber Releases 'Quiet Mode' For Riders Who Aren't Chatty

A lot of people get anxious when it comes to small talk, with some people avoiding situations entirely if it means they have to make conversations with strangers.

We've all been in the Uber where all we want is peace to scroll on our phones, and our driver wants to chat it up. Or maybe on the other hand, you want a little small talk, and your driver is not into it.

Uber has now released a 'quiet mode' for users who prefer to keep the chit chat to a minimum, according to People. The feature is a companion to a couple other new additions, even requesting help with luggage, temperature control, and an extended wait time for pickup (if needed).

If you are riding with Uber X (a standard ride) or in an Uber Pool, the feature is not available. In order to give quiet mode a try you are going to either request an Uber Black or Uber Black SUV.

Here's to hoping they introduce the feature for all ride types soon!

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