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You Can Get Drunk Off Alcohol Mist Now

Do you remember that scene on Parks and Rec where they give every character their own mini bachelor party, and Tom goes to that new "inventive bar"? They have liquor served in a mist you crack from an orb, hand sanitizer, and flashes of light? Well something similar is happening in bars around the United Kingdom right now.

According to Delish you can order a balloon full of alcohol vapor, and once you inhale it you feel the effects immediately. While you get your "high" right away, it wears off after about 20 minutes, and each inhale is gonna cost you about £5 or $5.54 USD.

People are raising questions about the safety of inhaling alcohol, but creators behind the brand are backing up their mist. A representative for Vapshot told The Sun that "we started the project in order to produce an innovative and potentially safer way of consuming alcohol. It should not be perverted into something meant to harm as there is absolutely no proof of that."

You can get your own mini version for $1,999.99 if you're wanting a home kit.

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