Girls are Gluing Their Lips To Make Them Look Fuller

Lip filler is one of the biggest trends in beauty right now. It's the process of having a thick liquid injected into your lips to give them a fuller look. The process can be expensive and needs to be refilled 1-2 times every year. Another cheaper option is to get a Botox lip flip, which gives you a slightly more pronounced upper lip. Even with the lip flip being the cheapest option, it'll still run you around $100-$150.

Personally I have a full syringe of Juvederm Ultra XC as well as a Botox lip flip from Skin By Lovely in Lake Oswego (shout out to Lindsay Ullyot)!

A lot of people can't afford the price of lip filler or are too young to have the non invasive cosmetic procedure done. The latest trend in trying to achieve the look is to glue their upper lip up to give the appearance of a Botox lip flip.

This before and after image from shows a before and after of a botox lip flip.

The trend online right now is apparently to take eyelash glue and to attempt to glue your upper lip higher.

Would you give the trend a shot?

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