Staying at a Hotel From Gordon Ramsay's Show 'Hotel Hell' Nine Years Later

I LOVE Gordan Ramsay. I constantly watch his old shows on YouTube in my free time. I love him so much that I've even starting planning a trip based solely on the fact that I want to eat at one of his restaurants.

While Gordon Ramsay has a ton of tv shows across continents, one of my favorites has always been Hotel Hell. It's the same premise as Kitchen Nightmares, but with a hotel instead. Ramsay goes to a hotel that is losing money with the goal of fixing their issues so the owners can attempt to stay afloat.

Brennen Taylor on YouTube decided to visit the infamous Keating Hotel in San Diego which was featured on the show about nine years ago to see how well the hotel has held up since then. Looks like the Keating Hotel didn't keep up with anything Ramsay suggested though, catch the whole video below.

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