Woman Has Bucket of Hot Diarrhea Poured On Her Head

A woman was getting into her car after a family dinner at Thai restaurant when a homeless man pulled her out of the vehicle and threw a bucket of hot diarrhea on her face according to a report from LAD Bible.

Heidi Van Tessel said that there was so much feces it was dripping off her eyelashes and into her eyes. Paramedics who arrived at the scene claimed that there was so much diarrhea it looked as if he had been saving up for months. Van Tessel and her car were both covered in the feces due to the large amount he poured on her. She had to be tested and now has to be re-tested every three months to make sure she didn’t get any diseases from the poo dumping. The man was sent to a mental facility where he was treated for schizophrenia and other mental health related issues and she is now suffering from PTSD due to the incident.