Michigan Man Defends Himself From Intruder With Medieval Battle Ax

Alex Rawls, Michigan Department of Corrections

An avid medieval weapons collector and doomsday prepper put a man in the hospital after they attempted to break into his home according to a report from Oxygen.

Ben Ball was watching Rick and Morty when his roommates ex boyfriend, who had prior violent offences, Alex Rawls, began loudly knocking on the door at 9pm. Ball told him that the roommate was away in Florida and went back to his night. The knocking continued two hours later before he decided to kick the door in.

Ball was prepared, grabbing his long handed battle ax and went for the door. A fight broke out when Ball struck the intruder in the torso with his ax. In true movie fashion the ax was dropped and both men went for it, before Rawls decided to flee. Ball then ran up and down his apartment hallway, ax in hand, screaming for help. Police ended up arresting the ex boyfriend by following the blood trail he left behind while fleeing.

Alex Rawls was arrested for first degree home invasion and was taken to the hospital, Ball says he was fine except for "a few cuts and bruises." He told Oxygen that he got the battle ax from a Renaissance Fair.

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