Why Keeping Your Phone On The Charger All Night Is Actually Bad

Almost everyone you know in the world has a smartphone, and most of those people probably also leave them on the charger overnight. Did you know that keeping your phone on the charger once it has hit 100% can actually be BAD for it? In a video from Bright Side on YouTube they give you some tips and tricks on how to make your cells battery life last longer and one of those tips is to actually NOT leave it on the charger for any longer than needed!

According to the video, the lithium-ion batteries in our phone actually work at their best between 20-50%, keeping your phone at 100% actually makes the battery tired.

They said that not only is charging your phone overnight bad for the battery, but that if you charge it on your bed as well, now it's a fire hazard! Since the phone heats up as it's being charged, it could cause a spark if there is a tear in the cord attached to the outlet, or the metal portion doesn't fit perfectly in the slot.

Catch the full video below for more tips and tricks on how to make your phone last longer!

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