Walmart Apologizes For Cocaine Santa Sweater

Walmart is now apologizing for a Christmas sweater that was showing up on their Canadian site that features Santa doing cocaine.

The listing has since been removed from the site, but Daily Mail was able to find a screenshot the description. The listing described the shirt as "This Men's Let it Snow Ugly Christmas Sweater captures that moment when Santa is finally ready to enjoy the sweet, imported snow," which continues on saying the best imported "snow" comes from Colombia and that "he packs it in perfect lines on his coffee table and then takes a big whiff to smell the high quality aroma of the snow."

Walmart released a statement to say that the shirt was not aligned with their values and blamed a third party seller for the reason as to why the shirt ended up on the site.

Other shirts were removed from the site that included a bare butt Santa in front of a fireplace, Santa being "probed" by an alien, and Santa with a dominatrix.

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