The 'RunPee' App Lets You Know When To Take Bathroom Breaks at the Movies

When Avengers: Endgame came out a lot of people were worried about how long the film was, and when they would be able to use the restroom. The RunPee app is here to save the day in these types of situations!

Their website says RunPee "takes the guesswork out of this for you," when it comes to knowing when to use the restroom.

When you open the RunPee app you'll be given a screen that shows the current film release schedule. You can click on whatever movie you are planning to watch, to see at what times you can take a break, and how long you have to use the restroom. The best part? It even gives you a short synopsis of what is going on in the scene you're missing WHILE you go pee!

Worried about forgetting when you can use the restroom? RunPee even has a solution for that! You can set "alarms" for when you are able to use restroom. Let the app know when the film is starting and it will vibrate whenever a break is coming up.

While browsing titles make sure and check the "anything extra" section, as this will tell you if there are any good scenes that happen during or after the credits to wait for.

Would you ever try out the RunPee app?

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