Natural Light Is Giving Free Beer To Anyone Turning 21 This Year

If you are turning 21 this year and want a case of free beer, Natural Light has got you covered!

Redeeming your free beer isn't as easy as just signing up for a case to be shipped to you, but there aren't TOO many hoops to jump through to make it happen.

At any point in the year 2020 you must purchase a case of Natty Light and then head to and using the offer AB-1999, according FOX 32. You'll then have to provide the company with proof that you were born in the year 1999 as well as providing a receipt or UPC for the beer and then you will be refunded for the cost.

Also make sure to post a pic of you and your free beer because on the 21st of every month the company will be posting the best birthday pics on their Instagram and Twitter accounts!

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