Portland Ranked Fifth Cloudiest City In America

San Jose Earthquakes v Portland Timbers

WorldAtlas has published a new article showing the cloudiest cities in the United States, and the state at number one isn't even in the Pacific Northwest!

Pittsburgh tops the list with 2,021 hours annually of sunny days, spending 77% of their time with gray skies. Anchorage follows behind with 76% sunshine, while Seattle rounds out the top three with 2,169 hours of sun a year.

Portland, Oregon takes the fifth slot with 2,340 hours of sun annually. Every city in the top ten finds themselves extra gloomy in December, the middle of the wintertime. Most of these cities experience only about 50 days of sunshine between November and February, with the end of the year being the worst.

As of January 30th, Seattle has been experiencing record breaking cloud cover, with them not having one single sunny day since November 30th according to Curiocity.

How do you beat the gloomy day blues?

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