Man Stalks Woman After She Scolds His Parking


A 76-year-old man has been sentenced to four years in prison after stalking a woman for giving him a hard time over his parking. Frank Abbott Sweeney of Boise, Idaho had parked in a handicap spot, without having a placard in his car. When a woman pointed out his error the man was so angry he allegedly hired a private investigator to track down the woman and her contact info.

Over the next three years he would send her an insane amount of postcards that featured extremely sexual and racist language, even finding her after she moved addresses and switched to a PO Box. Sweeney sent vulgar postcards to businesses, that even included one so racist that had been sent to the Black History Museum, the FBI had to get involved according to Newser. He even sent letters to incarcerated murderers, causing the men to write her back.

Prosecutors said the men took many steps to ensure that he wouldn't be caught, including making sure no fingerprints were left on the postcards. His attorney countered that the man had a history of mental illness, but the judge said the length of the harrassment showed "calculated, intentional behavior."

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