'Parasite' Coming To Hulu in April

Parasite made history at The Oscars this year by not only taking home four different awards, but also being the first non-English speaking flick to take home Best Film at the end of the night.

With the movie getting all this (well deserved) press, one question that a lot of people have been asking is where they can see the movie on streaming services. The simple answer to that question is Hulu, as they continue to expand their partnership with Neon studios. If you can wait until April 8th to stream movie, you'll be able to watch Parasite as part of your Hulu subscription.

If you live outside North America you aren't in luck, as they have no international streaming services that are currently planning to carry the flick. According to The Verge, Bob Iger, CEO of Disney, has said that they are looking to expand both Disney+ and Hulu into international markets beginning in 2021, as Disney is the main share holder of Hulu.

A Denver, Colarado

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